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Hey Child, Stay Wilder than the Wind...
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Hello. You have all reached my homepage! I was formerly CrystalSister, but Tripod is confused about my account, so I thought I'd start all over. Besides, my other site builder was a mess to navigate, so by starting over, I allieviate some of that confusion. Anyhoo, take a look around, and if you want to contact me for any reason, go ahead. Just don't send me chain letters... Thanks for stopping by!


I'm the one in the red shirt, on the top of the couch on the right side. ^_^

What's New?

Monday, August 20th, 2007-
It's been over a year since I touched this page! Sorry! My life has just been such a hectic whirlwind that I honestly forgot all about this page! Wow.... I really want to make a page for pictures that I've taken, artistic or not, so you might be seeing one of those pages popping up in the next few days... And you might see some things disappearing, such as a part of my music page... But all in all this website can be fun to waste ti...err, BE ON. ;)
Saturday, August 5th, 2006-
Hi there. It's been a while since I've been here to update this page. I've been really busy. I have a paper route, which reaks, since I have to be up at 5am, and it generally makes me irate, since I can't go back to sleep once I get back. Bleh. And, I have a job at Arby's, which also kinda sucks. They don't give me enough hours, and all around, they don't seem like very good employers.
But there is good news. ;) A guy that a friend from HS introuduced me to... a guy I kinda liked... after not contacting me for a whole year, he texted me out of the blue a month or so ago... in other words, I have been 'going out' with him for almost two weeks. It will be two weeks this Wednesday.
Sunday, April 23, 2006- OMG, I like TOTALLY forgot about this page! But I am making a photo album, which will eventually include more pictures I've taken, but for now is mostly just pictures from my photobucket account that speak to me in some sort of way. It's at myphotoalbum. If you want to view it, just tack myphotoalbum onto the end of the URL for this page.
Wednesday, May 25, 2005- In the process of making a music page, which will include my accomplishments in music, and in the future, fansites of my favorites artists! ^_^

Please get in touch with any comments or reactions to my site.